The layers of the musculature around the hip joint are complex and still quite poorly understood from a rehabilitation perspective. In order to prevent further deterioration of tendonitis and inflam..

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Hip Replacements

Hip replacement is a very effective way of removing the pain from an arthritic joint for the long term. The type of hip replacement that you receive depends on your age and level of function, as wel..

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Hip Arthroscopy

Keyhole surgery for conditions of the hip joint has progressed significantly over the past decade. From the simple diagnosis of conditions, to the complex treatment of cartilage defects and tears ar..

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Knee Replacement

Which joint replacement is performed depends on the site of arthritis within the knee. The knee consists of three main compartments. The tibio-femoral joint, which is subdivided into the medial (inn..

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Knee Arthroscopy

The meniscus is a half-moon shaped cartilage structure that sits on both the inner and outer aspects of your knee joint. It can tear as a result of significant trauma and tears more easily later in ..

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ACL Reconstruction

The most commonly injured ligament around the knee that requires surgical intervention is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). A typical mechanism of injury for tearing this structure is a non-cont..

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A comprehensive approach to treatment and rehabilitation

Providing a complete service starting with the diagnosis of your hip or knee symptoms, through the treatment plan of your underlying condition, to a tailored rehabilitation programme to get the most from any treatment and surgical intervention that may have been advised.

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